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2019 spring and summer key items>>>women's jewelry

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Update time : 2018-09-10 10:29:12
<<<2019 spring and summer key items: women's jewelry>>>
In the spring and summer of 2019, jewelry developed in two very different directions.
The first is the re-emergence of classic, formal items, followed by bold self-expression trends.

Movable earrings
Design points: Exaggerated personality jewelry has increased in popularity,
catering to consumers' desire to express individuality, and this factor is
still the main motivation for consumption.

Innovative elements: Sculptural jewellery uses a mix of gems and bold colors
to match the trend of mix and match design.

Oversized earrings
Design points: Resin earrings cater to the market's demand for nostalgic winds.
Innovative elements: a mix of rivets and pendants to create a splicing style.

Handmade earrings
Design points: Ingenuity continues to inspire consumer interest.
Innovative elements: tassels and pendant details conform to dynamic component trends.
Lasso necklace
Design points: Following the neckline dominates multiple seasons,
the long necklace is booming.

Innovative elements: The elegant lasso design features a clean chain
or a decorative gemstone inlay.

Rhinestone necklace
Design points: After the personality earrings dominated the multi-season,
the eye-catching necklace announced its return.

Innovative elements: the neck chain design is very visually stretched and
dramatic, and the rhinestones follow the trend of the 00s.